04 December 2009

English Central

English Central is a great new site I came across on the Whiteboard Blog. Has great potential for homework and in class use with low, medium and high level students. With English Central students can practice their pronunciation by listening to a video clip, then repeating. The students score points on the activities they do relating to accuracy, level of difficulty, etc.

What I really like about this site is that teachers can create an account and invite students to join. Those students are linked to the teacher´s account and the teacher can monitor and check progress of the students. The teacher can also set objectives for the students.

In the future, the site plans to allow teachers to choose which video the students watch which will make it easier to monitor and assign appropriate tasks for the students.

This will be a great help to teachers when assessing student pronunciation. In a large class it is often difficult to hear each student individually and give them appropriate advice and further practice. With this tool, it will be possible for teachers to give more attention to specific aspects of students´ problems.

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