04 December 2009

5 Card Story

Here´s another website to get your students writing.  I first saw this on Nik Peachey's website.  There are lots of ways to use this site, and the added bonus is that there is no need to log in and register to use it.  It's very simple to use - just click on the 5 card flickr button and a selection of photos will appear.  Choose one photo from each collection then start writing a short story based around the pictures.  Click here to see an example:


Some ideas for using it:

1.  Writing competition - students write a story or news report in groups.  Best story/report is the winner.
2.  Homework - students write at home alone and send you the link - writing can be analysed as a class.
3.  Have students read two or three stories then compare them and decide which they prefer and why (FCE style speaking task)
4.  Teacher uses the stories as an interesting way to introduce language.
5.  A lot of the stories are written by non-native speakers of English - have students analyse and identify the errors in stories.

Just a few ideas - I'm sure there are many more!

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