19 December 2009


One of my favourite websites for teen and adult students is http://www.realenglish.com/.  The founders of this site trawl the streets of English speaking countries interviewing ordinary people and focusing on a specific grammar structure.  Originally, only the videos were available but they have been very busy over the past year writing complete lessons for each video - so now it's possible for students to use it alone (although I think students might need some guidance on how to use the website as it's not very intuitive for language learners).  A great new feature is the ability for students to listen to the dialogues and record themselves repeating it. 

I've used this in class a few times with huge success - students are captivated by the repetition of the grammar point and the constantly changing people and situations - but most of all - that the speakers are REAL English people speaking REAL grammar structures that they're learning at that moment.

Click here for a link to lesson idea I've used in class.

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