27 January 2010

Sean Banville's Websites

Sean Banville, the creator of the excellent website http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/ and its sister websites


has now also created a listening website http://www.listenaminute.com/ containing short listening activities for students.  This is another great website and excellent resource to point students to for homework activities. 

I often use Sean Banville's websites for ideas for lessons, even if I don't always use his lessons.  However, I think his lesson plans are very good with something for everyone. If you haven't come across his websites yet, I highly recommend you take a look.  You'll probably find something

21 January 2010


http://www.esljokes.net/ is a site I´ve just come across that contains jokes based on grammar points in English. Each joke is followed by a grammar explanation and exercises on the grammar and key vocabulary from the jokes. It's still under construction and only jokes for Beginner and Pre-Intermediate levels are available but the higher levels will be available soon.

05 January 2010

Harry Potter´s Emma Watson is All Grown Up

Use Yappr.com to teach listening skills to students. 

1.  Handout vocabulary worksheet.  Students look up words in a dictionary.  Download here.

2.  Students watch video without transcript.  Number the words in the order they hear them.

3.  Watch video again with transcript and check their answers on worksheet.

4.  Watch video again with Spanish translation (if necessary/required).

For higher levels an optional exercise is to get the students to translate the transcript then compare it with the online version.  They can then decide if they agree or disagree with the translation.

02 January 2010


It's been some time since I visited Yappr but in my quest for online listening that's easy for learners of different levels I've recently rediscovered it.

Things have changed a bit.  Although there is still a free section they're now charging for access to the majority of the videos - no doubt the most interesting too.  The subscription is 99 Dollars for a year (which seems a bit pricey to me) but they have a special offer for 33 Dollars at this time.  They've included a pronunciation section and games which looks like great fun but, of course, membership is required for full functionality.  I wonder how much time is involved in creating your own Yappr videos......

See a short activity I did with one of my classes here.