27 February 2010


Glogster is the buzz word on the block at the moment and not being one to be left behind I've had a quick look at it.  Glogster is an "online poster" applications - in other words, instead of cutting up pictures from magazines and bits of card to stick on the wall, you collect pictures and words and stick them on an electronic "poster".  The great thing about it being electronic is that you can add links to other websites, videos, music, etc.  I can see how this would engage students.

There are two Glogster sites so be sure to register with http://www.edu.glogster.com/.  The difference between the two is you have more control over privacy, students will be protected from inappropriate content and you can create student accounts.  Registration is free and until 28 February, you get 200 free student accounts with it.  After that, you get 100 free student accounts unless you sign up for the premium account which, of course, costs money.

Have a look at the Glogsters available for public view to help you with ideas.  My immediate ideas are for students:
  • Obvious but effective - create a personal Glogster with links to favourite photos, videos and other personal information.
  • Create a Glogster of links to exam practice - at the end of each unit get students to create activities and upload to class blog or wiki creating a Glogster for an index.
  • Create a biography of a famous person
  • Any project based work from the coursebook could be done using Glogster
For teachers to use:
  • Instead of writing lists of contents, create a Glogster to link to different things (see my useful links page) a very simple but effective Glogster.
  • Grammar/vocabulary based Glogsters.  Each object links to another example of use of the grammar/vocabulary point - a variety of texts, speaking, video and grammar practice activities - put it on the class blog and the student has an instant revision package.  Where possible get students to contribute.
  • And, something I'll be doing to introduce myself to new classes in future, a personal Glogster of me with interesting (and not so interesting) facts about my life.
Whether I will be able to have my students use it, I'm not sure, but time permitting I will definitely be giving it a go.

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