23 February 2010

The Big Challenge

A colleague mentioned http://www.thebigchallenge.com/ website today as his students (who have obviously been using this website at school with their new netbooks) had told him that there were some excellent games here.  After having a quick look at the website it isn't just for games (in fact there seems to be only one quiz of four different levels) it's a competition website for schools in England, France Germany and Spain.  Teachers and students can partner with students in the countries of the languages they are learning, find penpals and do a host of other things.  It was also interesting to note that 8 of the 10 most recent classes that have registered, and looking for English speaking penpals, were from Spain, and most of them were from places very close to where I'm based.

It occurred to me that (certainly here in Spain) the language learning is being taken a lot more seriously and even in the three and a bit years I've been here I can see an improvement.  It makes me wonder just how much longer language academies in Spain have got.  Last year I was thinking 10 years.  I'm beginning to wonder if it'll be a lot less time before we start seeing student enrollment drop off for kids as the school English language teaching gets digital and students are able to connect digitally with native (and non-native)speakers of English....


  1. Love the blog Helen! Lots of really useful stuff on here.
    Clare x

  2. Thanks Clare - it's nice to hear positive feedback!