05 December 2009


Lost in Greece on Storybird

Get students writing with the Storybird website.

Storybird is a collaborative writing site where you and/or students can create stories online.  Click on the example above.

Some ideas for using it: 
1. Use with younger learners to tell short stories
2. Have students write their own stories - free writing
3. Start a story and ask students to finish it (see my example above).
3. Have exam level students use modals of speculation to describe the pictures.
4. Give students a list of vocabulary that they should use to write a story.
5. Teacher presents language through the story
6. Make a speaking activity - Students read two or more stories and compare and contrast and give their opinion (FCE Style)
7. Process writing - a class project is started at the beginning of the year and the students return to their story throughout the year to upgrade/improve/amend the story. Publish it at the end of the year.
8.  Have students choose two or three stories to read and compare them.
I like this site because it is simple to use. After registering and logging in you are presented with pictures and a word cloud of themes to choose from. The pictures bank is growing so every time there are more pictures to choose from. The story can be as long or short as you want and if you don´t finish the story in one sitting you can save it and go back to it later.

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