20 February 2010

Quizlet - Online Flashcards

This is a great online flashcard maker site that allows teachers and/or students to create word or picture (from Flickr) flashcards. There are then five activities that the student goes through to learn the vocabulary, including a couple of neat games to make vocabulary learning a little bit more interesting.

If you´re a teacher, you can create a group and invite students to the group. Students can then make their own flashcard sets or the teacher can make them for the students, then show them on screen in class. If you've got a class blog, you can embed it in the blog and the students can study from home too. There's a really good FAQ section that answers just about all the questions you might want to ask when using Quizlet.

Click on the link below to see the flashcard set I made for my ICTCourse.

ICT Terms

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