09 April 2010

Lyrics Training

If you teach teenagers or you're learning a modern European language www.lyricstraining.com is a really interesting site to practice listening skills in a number of modern European languages, especially English.

It's a fairly new site so there isn't a huge selection of songs yet, but there's enough to get you started.  Find a song, play it, and complete the gapfill as you listen.  If you can't keep up with the song, the video stops.  Hit the backspace key and the video replays the line you are waiting on.  It's as easy as that.  No login, sign in, membership or anything else to do.  And it's a nice change to listening to the news!

The songs are organised according to difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and each song has three levels of difficulty for the gapfil - beginner, intermediate, expert -  There is a simultaneous translation option and a points scoring system.

If you decide to create an account, you can create your own lyrics training videos.  Choose a song, find the video on Youtube, find the lyrics and away you go.  OK - well... you have to synchronise the lyrics with the video but they've even made that easy.  After copying and pasting the lyrics, play the video and press CTRL + RETURN on each line of the lyrics when you hear the words to synchronise them.  It's as easy as that.  Click the HELP button on the website to get full details.

Ideas for use in small classes:

1.   Last 5 minutes of class, play a song and students can either shout out the word, write the word on mini whiteboards or paper, or have one student typing on a classroom computer.

2.  If student computers are available, students can do alone or in pairs.  Have a competition to see gets the most points.

3.  Assign students songs to listen to for homework.  Although there isn't any monitoring facility you can always test who has done it by asking them the key words in the next class!

This is a new site so it is still being tried and tested.  But I've been using it to practice my Spanish listening skills - click here to try it out.

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