14 April 2010

Create Videos for your Classes!

There are a number of FREE online and offline applications to create videos that you can use as warmers, grammar presentations, listening activities and just a bit of fun in the class.  They are simple and intuitive to use and you can create a short video in as little as 5 minutes longer than it would have taken you to create the activity on paper!

I usually find the online applications the simplest.  They have been designed for people with no special technical skills and are quick and easy to use.  You usually have to register with the company first, although with some online apps you don't even have to do that. They are not designed to create feature length films, but short movie clips of about 1 to 3 minutes long is usually the limit for ELLs anyway. 

Installable programs usually have a lot more flexibility and features, and you can make longer videos, but can be more complicated to use.  Again, the free versions are designed to be simple and easy to use with no expert technical knowledge required. 

See this slideshow produced by Richard Byrne of some of the favourite FREE applications used by educators around the world.  There is also some guidance on copyright and where to get those amazing pictures to illustrate your videos for free!

Engage your students and increase your own skills in the process.

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