23 May 2010

Google Search Stories

Use Google SearchStories to create a short story video with music in less than 5 minutes. To create a video story,

 1. Type the key points of your story.
2. Choose the type of search (map, news, blog, images, etc).
3. Choose your music - there is a good selection of sound tracks.

Here is one I created in about 3 minutes!

How to use it in class?

1. The video I've created will be used as a warmer to revise future forms with Upper Intermediate teenagers.

2. Students can create their own using vocabulary and/or structures learned in a unit or section of the coursebook. The video would be a useful revision resource reminding students what they know (and have forgotten).

After the video has been created you upload it to the Youtube searchstories channel - from there you can embed it in a blog, share it on Facebook, email it to friends or share it in some other way. You will need a Google account to do this.

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