03 May 2010

Youtube Worksheets

With Vidinotes.com  you can create a worksheet from a Youtube video. This is another free website where there's no need to register.  To create a worksheet following these steps:

1.  Find Youtube video.
2.  Go to Vidinote website and download video in flv format using KeepVid (follow instructions on website)
3.  Upload the flv format video to vidinotes.com (this may take a couple of minutes).
4.  Play the video.  Click on the "capture" button for the scenes you want to capture.
5.  You can give the images titles if you want.
6.  You can capture up to 30 frames of the video.

Once you have all the images you want, you can either print directly to your printer or create a PDF with it.

I think this would be a great way to create storyboards of videoclips for students - get the students to write the story.

Thanks to Nik Peachey for spotting this tool.

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