07 June 2010

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is brilliant!  At least I think it is - until I want to find something that is.  I've got over 500 bookmarks collected over the year and recently it's been quicker to Google something than look for it in my Delicious account.  Not that this is the fault of Delicious.  I just haven't been tagging properly.  The problem is though, I'm not sure of the best way to tag.  Do you add as many tags as possible to each item and end up with a list of tags for everything you've ever looked at but depending on what you were thinking about at the time depends on the tag? Or do you keep it simple and choose two, three or four well chosen tags?  Well, I've tried both which is why today I decided tackle my tags and Delicious account.

It has taken hours to reorganise and retag, delete duplicate pages (yes!) and I'm still not finished.  So - the system I've decided on is to keep the tagging simple.  It's quicker and hopefully more efficient so I won't have to spend ages thinking of every use for a particular tool or website resource.

I also took the opportunity to move over to Diigo - something I've been thinking about for a while.  I've got no complaints against Delicious, but  since I learned that Diigo has added features - highlight, comments and sticky notes so that you can annotate pages your bookmarked pages.  This is really useful for bookmarking pages with a specific idea in mind - later you can search your commented or highlighted pages and find it quickly - brilliant!

Let's see if my new lean tagging machine is still working in 6 months time!


  1. Helen,

    I find my average is about 3 tags per bookmark. I try to use tags that I´ve used before as much as possible by selecting them from the suggested tags. I try not to use tags that are too similar such as "song"-"songs" and mainly use the plurals in that case.

    I only have experience with Delicious and do find it a better search engine than google when I´m after material for my classes. In part that is because of my (smallish) network that consists of teachers and educators only.

    What´s your take on Diigo? Like it? Let us know,

  2. Hi Guido

    This is embarrassing as I replied to your comment not long after you posted but it's not here....maybe I forgot to press the post comment button! So...I'm trying again.

    I agree with you and now that I've more or less reorganised my tags I'm hoping I can find things quicker and easier.

    I really like Diigo but I'm keeping my Delicious account open as well as my colleagues use it too. What I like about Diigo is that you can post comments and sticky notes on individual pages privately or publicly. This is useful for me at the moment as I'll be involved in a project to create skills classes for teens next year and I've started looking for appropriate materials. I can save links to interesting websites now and put a sticky note on to remind myself what I'm going to use it for. If all goes to plan, I should have a bank of interesting resources to use in class - this will save a lot of time next year, hopefully!