02 January 2011

Doing the Delta

Well, I've now finished Module 1 of the Distance Delta (about a month ago and it took this long to recover!) and will get my results in February which seems a long time to wait but I guess Cambridge have their reasons. What can I say except juggling a full-time teaching schedule (and extras) with all that reading is pretty tough. I've learned a lot, especially how to speed read and discovered that it's not my thing. But, I really enjoyed the course and now getting down to the task of rereading all those things I didn't have time to absorb properly or read properly that were really interesting and I want to know more about.

As far the exam is concerned, Paper 1 was evil and Paper 2 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. During the course, I generally did quite well on the Paper 1 tasks (language knowledge and definitions, etc) and not so well on the Paper 2 tasks (methodology, etc.) During the exam, however, I feel I did better on the Paper 2 tasks than the Paper 1 tasks largely I think because of the time constraints on Paper 1.

Anyway, I really have no idea whether I have passed or failed but I do know that I've learned a lot, I found it really interesting and already I can see changes (for the better) in my teaching. So, my conclusion is that the Delta is definitely worth doing if you're interested in staying in the Tefl field. I'm looking forward to starting Module 3 in February (yes...I'm doing Module 3 before Module 2 which I'll do next year) and if I've failed the Module 1 exam, I'll be resitting it in June. I just need to practice my speed writing skills!

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