25 September 2011

My new job

Since I started back at work on 1 September it has been very busy as usual. As the newly appointed ICT Support Trainer, this year I'll have fewer classes and teaching hours, so that I can provide ICT training, lesson plans, advice, etc. to teachers on how to use technology with their students. It's an exciting new role as my "hobby" is now part of my job.

There are hundreds of amazing edublogs out there giving all sorts of advice and news about teched, especially using blogs and wikis, but many of them are for teachers in mainstream education. My challenge is to weed out the tools and ideas that are suitable for kids and teenagers (including exam classes) who attend a language academy for 3 hours a week after school/university, and that don't take up too much class time or teacher preparation time.

17 September 2011

It's been a while...

Phew....glad that's all over. I did the distance Module 3 (which I'd recommend to anybody thinking of doing the Delta) which compared to Modules 1 and 2 seemed more relaxed, although still hard work of course. I was quite pleased with my result, a merit.

I did Module 2 at IH in London in the summer, enjoyed it and met some great people on the course.. But it was gruelling! I've passed the course, and now just waiting for the results of the final assessment. I wasn't sure about doing the intensive because I like to spend time reading and getting my thoughts together before putting fingers to keyboard, which there wasn't time to do with a 2,500 word essay, plus supporting detailed lesson plan, to write every week. But at the same time, I couldn't face another full year of studying and teaching full-time. So...I think it depends what type of learner you are as to whether the intensive is good or not so good for you.

The Delta is hard work, and sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, theories, methodologies and everything else you have to read and do in class. Then you realise that there are no hard and fast answers, right or wrong way, to anything in language learning, and that after all that you can still make it up as you go along if you want. You might wonder what the point of it all is.

Well.... I've come out the other end much more aware of the different theories and methodologies and what types of situations and learners they appeal to (if you believe in Gardners Multiple Intelligences, which I recently read is now being questionned). You learn how to keep up to date with the latest theories, where to look for ideas and how to implement them in class. I'm full of ideas and looking forward to getting back into the classroom next week. Even though I teach kids and teenagers, and the Delta is for adults, I think there is a lot that can be applied to younger learners.