23 February 2012

Live Typing

LiveTyping.com looks like a fun way to get students writing.  I came across it on Live Feast, Ana Maria Menezes blog, while looking for ideas for mini sagas.  I like doing "live writing" with my students which involves appointing a typist or passing the keyboard around the class and getting them to create a group story or other writing text.  With LiveTyping.com students can replay what they've written and it can be emailed or posted on your class blog.  If you're working with tweens or younger teens, it's better to put the students in smaller groups
and have them email their live typing to you so you can show it to the class when finished.  Some more ideas for using this tool include:

1.  Grammar/Vocabulary drills where students write sentences including specific grammar and/or vocabulary.
2.  As you can adjust the playback speed, you could create an online reading task with comprehension questions for homework or in class.
3.  Students practise reading aloud.
4.  Use live typing to give instructions.
5.  If you have a class blog, add live typing questions/information to pictures.

There's something hypnotic about watching typing being played back so it will keep younger students attention for a while!

1 comment:

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