04 April 2012

Be Funky - Photo Editor

Befunky.com is a great photo editor that you can use on your computer or mobile device (Android or  iOS).  All you need to do is upload your photo to the website and you have a wide range of editing options - including speech bubbles - even in the free version.  If you (and/or your students) are using mobile devices, you can upload existing photos or take a new photo and upload it to the website.

Ideas for using in class:
  1. Find a photo on the Internet to represent a vocabulary word and write a sentence using the vocabulary.  Use for revision.
  2. Take photos of classroom objects, student possessions and write short descriptions of them.
  3. Take close-up pictures and students write clues.  Play "What is it?"
  4. Take photos of marked class or homework.  Students edit the photo to reflect their mood and write a brief  "reflection" on their work.
  5. Find and edit photos relating to a topic.  Students discuss why they chose the photo and edited in the way they have.
  6. Describe a photo and compare and contrast photos (Cambridge exam style speaking and/or writing practise).
  7. Have a photo festival and students write reviews.
 Have you got any more ideas?

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