04 April 2012

Digital Story Telling - Fotobabble and Blabberize

www.fotobabble.com and www.blabberize.com are two simple digital storytelling tools that you can use with students of all ages.   Here's a Blabberize created by one of my students.


www.fotobabble.com is simpler and quicker.  You upload your image, or link to a URL on the web and record a message of up to one minute.  There's also an iPhone app so you don't have to spend time transferring photos from camera/mobile to computer.  Android and other mobile users keep an eye on the site - they say apps for other platforms will be coming soon.

www.babblerize.com has a fun "mouth" feature but as far as I'm aware there aren't any mobile apps yet.  With Blabberize, you upload your photo then add a "mouth".  You can record a message of up to 30 seconds, and you can also upload wav files.  When you play the Blabberize, the mouth moves.

Click here for a lesson plan to create the Blabberize above.

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