01 June 2012

Last week of the MOOC

I’ll start this final post by answering some of the questions in the polls from the live session (which I did not attend but have since watched the recording):

  • I’m going to miss this MOOC
  • I didn’t have a favourite week but I found Weeks 1 and 2 the most interesting initially (motivation/retention, diversity and learning styles), and became more interested in the following weeks 3 and 4 (creativity and using video) as I worked through the resources.
  • I’m still excited about MOOCs and will be looking out for future courses.
  • I will continue to use this MOOC for resources and to interact with other participants
  • I have already mentioned this MOOC to colleagues, and will continue to talk about my experiences with this MOOC and what I have learned from it in the future.
  •  I would be interested in learning more about online assessment, copyright issues, online course quality.  I`m not sure what`s involved in  assistive technologies and universal design for learning but it sounds interesting.
I’ve previously mentioned that I was unprepared for a MOOC.  I really had no idea what to expect and was surprised when I saw the quality (and quantity) of resources, the ease of accessing materials and how quickly the course organisers responded to a rapidly changing participant base.  

I stand by what I said in my first post and would go further to say that I feel I’ve learned as much, or even more, than if I’d attended a paid online instructors course.  I think the reason for that is the openness of this course.  Links to resources are made available, with some resources compulsory reading, and further resources for extended learning.  Perhaps the only difference between doing this course and doing a degree/masters course is that no essays were required! 

Although the course is finishing now, the resources will remain available and the forums will remain open.  This is great news for me (and I’m sure for some other participants) because a hectic work schedule meant I haven’t kept up with the course in the final week.  I’m still very motivated to watch all the videos and read all the extra resources and will be using the resources over the next few weeks. 

With no experience in designing an online course, or as an online tutor, doing this course has made me feel more confident in planning, designing and managing an online course and I feel well-equipped to change a course to suit the needs of the learners.  I’m currently designing a hybrid online/f2f English language course and I’m really looking forward to putting a lot of the ideas I’ve learned on this course into practice. 

Finally, I’d like to say a special thank you to the course organisers for making it such an interesting, challenging and enjoyable learning experience.  This has definitely been a worthwhile experience for me and I’m looking forward to participating in future MOOCs!


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