30 January 2013

Another MOOC x2!

So, I joined two MOOCs (12 hours study total per week) and planned my time to make sure I would be able to do it.

It's really interesting to note that the two MOOCs are operating in very different ways.  The University of Edinburgh's E-learning and Digital Cultures is a kind of free for all, join any discussion, pursue any interest and create any online "artefact" kind of affair.  The Georgia Tech's Fundamental of Online Education:  Planning and Application, is slightly more organised with guides as to how much time each activity will take, guiding you to discussion forums and with deadlines to complete the work.

More about each course as I get more involved - hope I don't miss the first deadline for the Fundamentals of Online Education as I'm off to the BETT conference in London and will have limited Internet access!


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