08 February 2014

FECEI 2014 - Exam Writing (and using Technology)

Here is a copy of my presentation at FECEI 2014 - Exam Writing with Technology and below there are links to all the online lesson plans, instructions and other materials presented.

My Google Drive folder containing instructions, sample lesson plans and other materials:
Exam Writing with Technology


  1. I enjoyed your presentation very much on Friday and have already started to put into practice some of those ideas and some that I've found on your blog. You're doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work and thank you very much!

  2. Hi John

    Thanks for your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's great to know that some of these ideas are useful for other teachers!. Good luck with your exam classes and let me know how you get on.

  3. Hello Helen,
    I was also at your presentation in Madrid earlier this month and really enjoyed it. I've been playing around with edmodo since, and have a group for my FCE classes which they seem to be really enjoying. I can't wait to see what a useful resource it will surely become as we use it more and more.
    Thanks again for all your ideas.
    Kindest regards

  4. Hi Vicky. I'm glad you enjoyed the session and found something useful to use with your students. Good luck with Edmodo - It is a great way to get students helping each other between classes! Kind regards.

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