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Here is a list of a few websites that are worth returning to again and again.

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Social Media

  • Blogger - it's free, it's easy to embed different file types, it looks fresh and modern and there's no advertising (unless you want to add Google Ads).  Bad points are that students need email addresses to become authors so it isn't suitable for younger students and parental consent is required.  In my view, blogger provides the best option for my teaching context.
  • wordpress.com - "the serious blogger's blog" but is not as intuitive to use, to be able to embed different file types you need to pay for the premium version.
  • Edublogs - based on Wordpress with special functionality for teachers, such as creating logins, classrooms, etc.  The reason I don't use it is that the free version only gives you 20MB of storage and a limit on the number of users.  For the full version you have to pay.  As it is based on Wordpress, it is not as intuitive as Blogger but if you can afford it, I would definitely recommend it!
  • Kidblog - a free blogging platform where the teacher has total control over accounts and content.  It is not public so excellent for younger learners.  It was created by teachers for teachers and their students.  In my opinion, not really suitable for teens and adults (although it's a lot easier to manage!) but great for younger learners.
  • Twiducate - another free kids blog/Twitter platform.  It's a cross between a blog and Twitter and again it is totally private and the teacher has control over accounts.  
  • pbworks.com  - a wiki.  Wikis are ideal for collaborative work, ie. writing projects.  No email required.
  • edmodo.com - free and safe social networking platform for education.  No email required.
  • Wiggio.com - free, private social network perfect for group work.  Email required

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